Application for Admission

    Purpose 填寫申請表目的
    1. I want to apply for a school visit. 申請LUYA校園參訪I want to attend the LUYA admissions briefing. 參加LUYA入學說明會I want to apply for admission to LUYA. (I have already visited LUYA or attended a LUYA admissions briefing.) 申請報名LUYA入學(已參加過說明會或已參訪校園)
    Student Information 學生資料
    1. Male 男Female 女
    2. 2-3 years old 幼幼班3-4 years old 小班4-5 years old 中班5-6 years old 大班Grade 1 一年級Grade 2 二年級Grade 3 三年級Grade 4 四年級Grade 5 五年級Grade 6 六年級
    3. Yes 是No 否
    4. Yes 是No 否
    Questionnaire 請完整回答下列問題
    1. Online/TV Commercials 網路或電視廣告Referral from Friend/Family 親朋好友推薦Facebook Fans Page 臉書粉絲頁LINE Official Account LINE官方帳號Official Website LUYA官方網站Instagram LUYA IG帳號LUYA Posters 宣傳海報Other 其他
    Guardian Information 家長/監護人資料
    1. Father 爸爸Mother 媽媽Grandparents 祖父母Other 其他
    2. Father 爸爸Mother 媽媽Grandparents 祖父母Other 其他
    3. 10:00 AM-12:00 PM02:00 PM-05:00 PM07:00 PM-09:00 PM

    By clicking “SUBMIT 確認提交” above, I/we affirm that I/we have included all the relevant and necessary information that may affect this student’s educational performance and progress. I/We understand that this information is to be reviewed only by the Admissions Committee to evaluate LUYA Academy’s ability to appropriately meet the educational needs of this student. Further, I/we understand and accept that falsification, deception, or omission in any aspect of the application process may result in an immediate review and possible revocation of admission.

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