Admissions Briefing for Prospective Parents

In recent times, improvement in the standard of education available results in Parents having higher expectations for their children, particularly for their Elementary and Secondary studies in order to set them up with a brighter future. Regardless of whether they attend Private or Public schools, all schools need to follow Taiwan’s Ministry of Education’s syllabus, and therefore cannot cater to the student’s academic needs and progress in a personalized way.

Even when schools offer “bilingual” courses, they only offer a few English speaking classes and not an immersive English environment. Thusly, these students still need to seek further tutoring after school in order to advance their abilities. Even then, after graduating from high school, they often struggle attending a university of desire, domestically or abroad. This causes concern and the constant worry for parents become: Will the future of their children reveal itself to be stagnant, or will they need to passively wait for a path to their own future?

LUYA Educational Foundation is building a legitimate International School for our Elementary and (future) Secondary young learners – LUYA Academy.

One of our core missions is to cultivate “well-rounded global leaders with boundless futures.” We implement an all-day immersive English speaking, international environment – Aside from our Chinese classes, students’ are required to converse in English during class, when presenting research and reports, in their written work, and during breaks and downtime.

The following classes are all taught in English; Math, Science, Social Studies, English Language Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Art, and Character, whilst nourishing independent thinking and problem solving skills. 

Additionally, we also offer Spanish, STEAM, Computer Science, and Sports classes.

Rest assured, we also put weight in the importance of Chinese Mandarin; Chinese, Math, Science, and Social Studies are taught by our highly qualified Chinese department, so that students can also continue studies at a national level, allowing them the option of continuing their tertiary education in Taiwan at a competing standard.

LUYA Academy will be holding an Admissions Briefing for any prospective families on March 4th, 2023 at 9:30am. If our philosophy of education speaks to what you are looking for for your children, we sincerely welcome you to join us in opening doors to your children’s future. If you would like to inquire further, please register on our website and our staff will reach out to you to confirm all details prior to the event.